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American Enterprise Institute
American Conservative Union (David Keene)
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Political Action Committee (Alan Gottlieb)
American Spectator
Cato Institute
Center for Individual Freedom
Center for Libertarian Studies (Lew Rockwell)
Center for the Study of Popular Culture (David Horotwitz)
CNP Action (Gary Aldrich)
Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education
Coalitions for America
Conservative Leadership PAC (Mornton Blackwell)
Conservative Victory Committee (Brent Bozell) (Richard Viguerie)
Citizens United (David Bossie)
Free Republic Network
Heritage Foundation
Leadership Institute (Morton Blackwell)
National Center for Public Policy Research (Amy Ridenour)
National Review Online
New York State Conservative Party
Southeastern Legal Foundation
Tradition, Family, and Property
Free Market
Citizens for a Sound Economy (Dick Armey)
Competititve Enterprise Institute
Frontiers of Freedom
James Madison Institute
Landmark Legal Foundation
National Conservative Campaign Fund
Radio America
Alliance for Retirement Prosperity
American Shareholders Association (Grover Norquist)
Americans for Fair Taxation
Americans for Tax Reform (Grover Norquist)
Association of Concerned Taxpayers
Maryland Taxpayers Association
National Tax Limitation Committee
National Taxpayers Union
Republicans United for Tax Relief
Tax Foundation
Taxpayhers Network
U.S. Taxpayers Alliance (Howard Phillips)
Arkansas Policy Foundation
Capital Research Center
Citizens Against Government Waste
Club for Growth Advocacy
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy
Institute for Policy Innovation (Dick Armey)
American Council on Science &Health
Blue Ribbon Coalition
Center for Individual Rights
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (Alan Gottlieb)
General Religious
American Center for Law and Justice
American Family Association
Campus Crusade for Christ
Center for Reclaiming America
Christian Coalition of America
Christian Film and Television Commission
Christian Voice (Gary Jarmin)
Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)
Family Research Council
Public Advocate
Traditional Values Coalition
Right-Wing Catholics
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Catholics United for the Faith
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
American Life League
Americans United for Life
National Right to Life Committee
Americans for Truth Project
Center for Military Readiness
Corporate Fronts
60 Plus Association
Small Business Survival Committee
United Seniors Association
Direct-Mail Fundraisers
American Target Advertising (Richard Viguerie)
Bruce W. Eberle & Associates
Eberle Communications Group
Richard Norman Company
Squire & Heartfield Direct
PR Firms
Craig Shirley & Associates
Shirley & Banister Public Affairs
American Council for Immigration Reform
American Immigration Control Foundation
Center for Equal Opportunity
English First
United States Border Control
Anti-Affirmative Action and Black Astroturf
American Civil Rights Institute
Black America's PAC
Institute for Justice
Project 21
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Alan Gottlieb)
Gun Owners of America (Larry Pratt)
National Rifle Association
Second Amendment Sisters
Anti-United Nations
American Policy Center
High Frontier (Star Wars)
Freedom Alliance
Anti-Liberal Media
Accuracy in Media (Reed Irvine)
Media Research Center
Youth and Academia
Accuracy in Academia (Reed Irvine)
Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute
College Republican National Committee
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Students for Academic Freedom (David Horowitz)
Young America's Foundation (Ron Robinson)
Young Conservatives of Texas