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OCCUPY protests are occurring all across the country because people are fed up with the lack of accountability of those who wrecked the economy and put the country on the road to domination by the super rich and their corporations.  Those protesters are now demanding that accountability, and are naming names of key people who must be sacked, prosecuted and marginalized.  OccupyForAccountability will be calling those individuals out with the demand that they be held accountable by the people, the government, their boards, and the media.  So with this launch, OFA will focus on several well known people who have corrupted our economy, media, elections, environment, and political system by engaging in activities that violate the rule of law: Karl Rove, Tom Donohue, Charles and David Koch, Rupert Murdoch, and Clarence Thomas.  We will regularly add new names as more people are identified, including politicians and people in the current administration who let criminals on Wall Street go free.  And we will focus on those CEOs on Wall Street who plan on giving billions in bonuses to their employees for robbing the remaining ninety-nine percent.  As in other protests around the world, the key corrupters must be named and  stopped if real change is going to happen.